Getting Over It

by Are We Having Fun Yet?

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Written and recorded in 2012.


released March 23, 2013

All music and lyrics by Are We having Fun Yet?
Recorded at The Building in Fontana, CA
Mixed and Mastered by Spencer Graves at Habitat Studios in Ontario, CA



all rights reserved


Are We Having Fun Yet? Fontana, California

Fontana, CA
Est. 2010 •

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Track Name: Flux Capacitor
I’m sick of losing all my friends
Don’t wanna go through this again
Another funeral I don’t want to attend.
I know one day I’ll see you again,
But it still hits me like a ton of bricks,
It’s just something that alcohol can’t fix.
We miss you so fucking much
You were family to us
We were so much alike
And now I can’t sleep at night
(Now I can’t sleep)
All my friends say that I should talk about it,
But when I do I just start feeling pathetic.
I'm sick of living life this way
Drinking, being high all day
It’s the only way I can cope with all this pain.
I think that you would say,
It’s alright man things are gonna turn out okay
I think that you would say,
There’s more to life than yesterday.
Track Name: Sweep the Legs
I’m not too sure when, this short life
Of mine, is gonna end but
You won’t find me sitting around this house waiting for it
So in the meantime
I’ll try and make the most of what I’ve got to give
I’ll never lay back and let time
Drag me along with it
Here’s a chance that I know I’ll never get again
Here’s a chance that I may never have been given
Here’s your chance, kid
I’d give anything to be anything
Than what I am right now
I’d give it everything
I’m scared to think of what I might be remembered by
Small citied in a house that’s eating me alive
To all my ties that keep me grounded
In this shit whole of a town
I know I’m better than this
It’s all been said, it’s all been done
So let’s just have our fun.
Track Name: Danny's Song
Here I am once again
On this rooftop drinkin'
Thinking of all of those “back when’s”
I thank god for my friends
When they pull me from this slump I get
Lately it’s been happening more often
Even though they may not know
But they save my life almost every night
I don’t know where I’d be
If it weren't for those nights in the building
(I don’t know where I’d be)
I pretend that I don’t know
What my problem is
It’s getting harder every day
To convince myself, that I’m not who I am
When there’s something so strong
Dragging you down to the bottom
And all the alcohol and drugs don’t help
Even when got you ‘em
They stopped helping, they stopped helping
Track Name: I Came Here to do Two Things
All the pieces of his wreck
Are slowly piling up on my shoulders
I don’t think these legs of mine
Can take the pressure
From this for much longer
I've been tearing a the seams
I’m spilled out on to the floor
Time to pick up from where I left off before
I've been tearing at the seams
I’m spilled out on to the floor
Time to find something worth living for
I'll prepare myself the best I know
Hoping I will make it through the night
To see a tomorrow
I've been missing the old days again
As if I were actually happier back then
I’d kill to feel alive rite now
And I swear on day I’ll make this count
Call it bad luck
And blame what you wish
A series of mistakes
And opportunities I've missed
Track Name: Dr. West is my Roomie
I’ve been living on cheap beer and fast food
Sleeping on floors of my friend’s bedrooms
I’ve got nothing to show for this last year
But hangovers
And new reasons to say “Cheers”
I’ve never really been afraid of death
Until the night I found out you passed
I pray you’re watching from above
Up there looking out for us
We miss you now more than ever
I wanna say that I’m doing better
But time just keeps dragging by
I cant help but asking “why?”
I know, I know
That you’re not coming back
I know, I know
That I'm just wasting my breath.
Looks like it's winter again
The streets are wet
And the leaves have fallen,
But Bayside taught me
That there’s more to life than living
Just come back
We miss you more than words can express
Happy fucking New Year to us .
Track Name: Utah, Give Me Two!
I climb and climb
Do nothing but try
I feel at time that I've been
Wasting my time
I hate pretending and saying I’m just fine
But better than the truth for you
Most of the time
It's nights like tonight
That makes it hard to breath
So I'll cut the lights to try and get some sleep
For every accomplishment
There’s another setback waiting to cross paths
The kid I was before isn't who I am now
Dreams can lift ones spirit
Or bring one down
I swim and swim
But always seem to give in
To this current dragging me back
To start all over again
I’m discouraged by success
So I lack to motivation
I stopped making attempts
Cause they won’t change my situation
Maybe it’s time for change
Cause I can’t bare to have things stay the same